Practicing golf at home – how to do it right

Golf is the sport what we love so much, but there are periods, when we can’t play this beautiful game. Winter and snowy days are N1 impediment factors for golf. What can be solution? Of course home practice. You can improve all aspects of your game at home. Some golfers think that home practice is just wasting time but trust me you can be a better golfer with a home practice. In 2020 due to covid19 all of us were at home, golf courses were closed and I felt in love with home drills. In this article we will review home practice and will give you some useful tips and recommendation to master your game from home.

Improving Health, strength, conditioning and flexibility will help golfers in many ways. Improvement can be stance, flexibility, shot speed and so on.  Of course everything will effect on your game. Today there are many programs and tools that can guide you to improve these things at home.

To stay fitted for golf at home needs a very little space and is something that helps you not just your golf, every area of your life.

For balance and flexibility professionals always recommend yoga and stretching.

For the core strength yoga is again perfect, with pilates and planks.

For the muscular strength everyone knows that bodyweight exercises are very needed. Dumbbells can be perfect helper there.

Youtube is loaded with home-based fitness workouts from which you can improve all aspects of your game. Education is really unique, so be sure you choose one you will enjoy.

Having a mirror at home while training is very useful because there are a number of exercises you can do to ensure that the basic components of your game are right..

Right set up is crucial for golf shots. You can lower your handicap with and correct swing issues with practicing your grip. When exercising your grip in front of a mirror, you make sure that your hands are exactly where they should be.

Posture is another important component you can improve in front of a mirror. Look yourself from different angles, You can use the mirror for your starting position, after takeoff and observe changes. By looking at the body in these different ways, it helps you realize where you may be mistaken.

Putting is another important skill which you can improve at home. You can really make your stroke quality better.  I highly recommend putting mats for beginners. Putting mats are great option to practice putting at home. There are different sizes and shapes putting mats available and you can choose the perfect one for your house. You have to determine room size you are going to practice at, what you want to improve and then decide which one to buy.

You can practice swing drills at home. Backyard will be best option to improve your swing. Somehow swing tempo practice is not popular in golfers, but trust my guys, this is very useful practice. You will see fantastic results after month of doing this practice. Be patient and you may resolve on of the crucial aspects of the game.

Hybrids are very good type of golf clubs, especially for practice. I am planning to get entire set, if you are interested as well, check out this list of  best all hybrid iron sets.

Backyard putting green is amazing option to improve your skills. You also can find it very entertaining to play golf with friends and family. Having little golf course at home, what can be better?

Next tip could sound weird but this is really useful. Watch golf games on tv. Watching professionals, their posture, set up and shooting methods is really important for you to improve your game. Yeah, watching is entertaining but you can find it educational tho. While watching, try to copy their technique, look at their hands, hands positioning. You can learn so much from watching.

Not going to the golf course due to weather or something else, isn’t the reason to stop trying to improve your game. In this article we gave you some truly useful tips, which will help you to master your skills. While winter snowy days others are just waiting for sun, you can continue practicing and surprise them with improved game after you come back to the course. You can save money, entertain and improve game at the same time with a home practice.

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