Golfing with your wife – my tutorial to how to do it properly

I got married two years ago, and even though my then-girlfriend wasn’t into golf at that time, she was open to experimenting, and after one year of trial and diligent planning to get her excited about it, she’s finally hooked on golf and can’t get enough of it. My friends advised me against it, saying that i need alone time and bringing my partner on golf course would be a bad idea. I didn’t listen, and rightfully so. My wife isn’t like other women who don’t like guy-fun. I don’t know how to explain it better, but she totally blends in with my friends and having her around is not awkward at all. Anyway, now that we’ve got my background covered, let’s get to the point. I wanted to write this article to help others, struggling to get along with their partner while playing golf. I find it to be very easy, and wanted to share some tips and basic advice.

 If your spouse or girlfriend hasn’t gotten hooked on golf yet, you have to keep it as much fun as possible. Do your best to hoard her(or his, i will use her for simplicity from now on) favorite snacks and drinks in your golf bag, so she doesn’t have to think about anything but having fun time golfing with you. It also doesn’t hurt if you get her friends to come over as well, so both groups of your friends can have fun time together. Some guys like to play golf with females around, while others prefer to keep it exclusively male. If your friends are the latter, it’s okay, there are a lot of ways to entertain your wife while playing golf.

 Another key advice would be to keep it fun. I know, i’ve said the same thing in last paragraph, but i’m making different point here. Some guys obsess over bad shots and their partner’s failures in golf, and that is frustrating. First of all, they’re supposed to fail, that’s how you learn as a beginner. I get it, teaching is not easy for everyone, but the best you can do is keep your attitude positive, or if you can’t, don’t invite her to play with you at all. Your partner will be very insecure about her failings on her own, she doesn’t need your validation for that. And i’ve found that anyone learns easily when they’re not put under pressure to do everything correctly.

 And last, but definitely not least – it would be nice to get her nice club set, with cute golf bag for golf course. It’s not necessary at first, as she can use your golf clubs (if you are around same height) or borrow from someone, but if she does start to like it, best womens golf clubs (according to reputable reviewer GolfClubsGuruset can be perfect gift for the ladies. It doesn’t have to be anything super expensive, as they most probably don’t intend to pursue golf professionally, but it does have to be a color that matches their taste, and bag needs to be light and overall comfortable to carry around.

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