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Stereotypes about golf and golfers

Over the years, so many stereotypes about golf and in general golfers were formed and spread widely in American culture. In this post, i wanted to address that briefly, and debunk some of them, while adding few of the stereotypes about things and people i’ve noticed on golf course.

 First, and major stereotype is that golf is only for rich. But i have to agree, from the outside, golf has very expensive-ish feeling. It is the sport that executives and presidents play, after all. It is true that playing golf with someone is good way to get closer to influential people in your industry, but playing golf is way more than that. I also see it as very good way to connect with anyone, from your distant relatives to your son. It certainly has helped me a lot to get along with my father in law. When he first saw me, due to some misunderstandings on both our parts, he didn’t have good impression of me, but then i discovered that he played golf and everything changed. We bonded over our love for golf and now are golf buddies.

 Second is not the single stereotype, but overall stereotype of a golfer – rich, retired, overweight guys who only play the sport because it’s the least demanding of all. But if you’ve been to golf course at least couple of times, you would notice that a lot of people choose to be more active now. That can be done by walking on the golf course, instead of driving cart. You also have to exercise your arm to perfect your swing. It’s not power exercise though, as perfecting your swing is more about skill than strength. And yes, there are some golfers who like to show off their wealth, but i doubt anyone spends thousands of dollars solely for that reason. I see it as a nice perk, rather than sole motivation for buying those clubs. The clubs themselves are really good, and often improve their game dramatically. Plus, if it wasn’t for those guys, i wouldn’t be able to find any nice beginner’s golf irons for half the price when i buy them used.

  And now let’s talk about the stereotypes that i’ve formed during my times on the golf course. There is always this one guy who finds everything wrong with your equipment. Whenever they have a bad shot or something, it’s always because of cheap golf balls or bad driver, or something like that. It’s never because of their incompetence, and that gets pretty annoying, so i don’t hang out with those dudes anymore.

 And there are guys who like to teach you, even though you didn’t ask for it. They’ll come over and give you lecture on how you’re supposed to hit the ball, even though they aren’t very good themselves. It just gets plain annoying. Anyway, that’s it for today, i hope you enjoyed it, bye till next time.

Golfing with your wife – my tutorial to how to do it properly

I got married two years ago, and even though my then-girlfriend wasn’t into golf at that time, she was open to experimenting, and after one year of trial and diligent planning to get her excited about it, she’s finally hooked on golf and can’t get enough of it. My friends advised me against it, saying that i need alone time and bringing my partner on golf course would be a bad idea. I didn’t listen, and rightfully so. My wife isn’t like other women who don’t like guy-fun. I don’t know how to explain it better, but she totally blends in with my friends and having her around is not awkward at all. Anyway, now that we’ve got my background covered, let’s get to the point. I wanted to write this article to help others, struggling to get along with their partner while playing golf. I find it to be very easy, and wanted to share some tips and basic advice.

 If your spouse or girlfriend hasn’t gotten hooked on golf yet, you have to keep it as much fun as possible. Do your best to hoard her(or his, i will use her for simplicity from now on) favorite snacks and drinks in your golf bag, so she doesn’t have to think about anything but having fun time golfing with you. It also doesn’t hurt if you get her friends to come over as well, so both groups of your friends can have fun time together. Some guys like to play golf with females around, while others prefer to keep it exclusively male. If your friends are the latter, it’s okay, there are a lot of ways to entertain your wife while playing golf.

 Another key advice would be to keep it fun. I know, i’ve said the same thing in last paragraph, but i’m making different point here. Some guys obsess over bad shots and their partner’s failures in golf, and that is frustrating. First of all, they’re supposed to fail, that’s how you learn as a beginner. I get it, teaching is not easy for everyone, but the best you can do is keep your attitude positive, or if you can’t, don’t invite her to play with you at all. Your partner will be very insecure about her failings on her own, she doesn’t need your validation for that. And i’ve found that anyone learns easily when they’re not put under pressure to do everything correctly.

 And last, but definitely not least – it would be nice to get her nice club set, with cute golf bag for golf course. It’s not necessary at first, as she can use your golf clubs (if you are around same height) or borrow from someone, but if she does start to like it, best womens golf clubs (according to reputable reviewer GolfClubsGuruset can be perfect gift for the ladies. It doesn’t have to be anything super expensive, as they most probably don’t intend to pursue golf professionally, but it does have to be a color that matches their taste, and bag needs to be light and overall comfortable to carry around.

Finding time to play golf when you’re married

I am married with one year old child, and manage to spend a lot of my time on the golf course. Because of this, my married friends are curious about how i manage my time and what i’m doing differently, since they are usually stuck with their kids. I’m glad to share my experience on taking care of children, but i feel like my friends aren’t the only ones looking for solutions, and whole world is missing out on these tricks that can easily free up some time for parents and allow you to have fun once in a while. I think it’s very important for married people to have some time they can spend separately. It makes the time spent together much more enjoyable.

 First of all, if you are a guy, you need to learn how to talk to your wife about taking time off. You also need to allow your wife to go out once in a while, so both of you are on level grounds. That way, you can give her a proposition, like “would you prefer if i went out golfing in the afternoon, or later in the evening?” And since she’s getting time of as well, she’ll be glad to let you go and she will feel like in charge. Because the question is constructed in a way that puts her in charge. Plus, she’ll have time to prepare for alone time with baby, so she can invite friends or whatever she wants. Whenever i tell my wife that i have to go, she usually puts our kid to sleep, so she doesn’t have to stress out while being alone. And i usually finish my golfing trips in three or four hours, so baby wakes up right when i arrive, so no harm done. And i also have to mention that our girl’s character is very calm so she isn’t hard to take care of, that probably helps a lot as well. And one more thing, you should always be checking your schedule with your wife. Because there might be unexpected times when you will be free to go, but won’t be able to go golfing because of lack of preparing. And it’s not just about taking time off. I also think that couples should manage their funds and decide what to spend it on together, so you should consult your significant other if you’re planning to get one of those best seniors golf clubs they keep releasing.

 If your wife isn’t considerate or doesn’t let you out under any circumstances, there’s always option to lie. Lie about going to work and go to the golf course for the whole day instead. Or leave your phone in your car and lie about it being an accident. But i don’t recommend these tactics, as they’re morally wrong, as the child is both of yours and you should take your part of responsibility. And i’ve rarely seen any woman who doesn’t respond to calm and clear arguments that are beneficial for both of you, so it’s all up to you.

Surprising advantages of running barefoot


In case you give credence to a school of evolutionary thinking, then going for a run is fundamental to the human species. In today before we had devised projectile weapons such as spears and darts, early man caught his meals utilizing a technique called persistence hunting. Groups of predators could rely on their endurance to chase prey for hours, hounding the creature until it finally slowed due to fatigue.Our superiority in the animal kingdom can be traced back to the simple actuality that we are very superior long-distance runners. And running hurts. Go for a jog after work today and you’re probably going to wake up tomorrow with stiff limbs and a business resolution to spend more evenings on the sofa watching TV. As doctors frequently warn, running is a high-impact exercise: each stride sends shudders of force up your anatomically complex ankles and throughout your delicate knees, then goading your muscles and joints into harm. Surely something which causes you physical pain cannot be good for you?

Citing barefoot running tribes and ultra-marathon opponents, McDougall set the blame of running’s pain firmly at the trainer-clad foot of shoe businesses. Thickly cushioned bottoms, he contended, had shifted our jogging style, encouraging us to ‘heel attack’ instead of land on the chunk of our feet. Millenia of evolution had been pitched out the window like last year’s mouldy pair of trainers.

Whatever your strategy to stride and footwear, a myriad of scientific research continues to refresh the thought that running has very real and real benefits to the typical Joe.

It’s long been the insistence of runners who going for a jog makes them feel much better. In the uninitiated, it may sound as the pious sermon of this faintly unhinged — however there is now concrete scientific evidence to substantiate their claim.

Exercise can be thought to encourage the body to release dopamine, which improves mood. Ultra-marathon runners frequently speak of ‘surfing a wave of serotonin’ while covering the kind of distances that make non-runners cringe.

Dr. Paul Loprinzi surveyed 1,082 adult women and concluded that those with greater aerobic respiratory fitness had improved hearing role at low and high frequencies. The women with greater aerobic exercise were six percent more likely to get good hearing than bad hearing.